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All the news on the 12 Hour for 2012

This was the most amazing event I have ever competed in, but it wasn't all easy and smooth sailing. Dad and I got this car and started all the hard work last year. We were held up along the way, as you always are in this sport but finally got the car built and sent it over to Dean Lillie to do the finishing touches. Dean was fantastic and got the running for our first test day at Winton.

We had a few small problems at Winton but were still very happy with the way it all went. The night before we left, Dean called Rick Newman and said we still have so much to do and I don't think it can happen. Rick organised about 4 people to go and help with the car and Dad headed to Lilydale to help out too while I started packing the truck. In the end we got the car on the trailer after a long night of work and headed to Bathurst on the Wednesday morning as planed.

Friday practice was great and the car was getting better with every run. Saturday's first qualifying session started fantastic until I went out in the car and hit a wall at the top of the mountain. Our team were unbelievable and got the car back together with time to spare for the second qualifying session. Both Dean and Rick went out in this session and were very happy with the car.

Sunday morning was a 4am start and Dean was first out at 6:15am. His first stint was fantastic and he handed the car to Rick in a very good position. Rick did an amazing job in his session and passed the car to me. I had the rain. It was terrible and the car wasn't happy at all being on the Yokohama Tyres. Not only were we on the Yokohama tyres, our windscreen wipers decided not to work and the windows were all fogged up and I was unable to see, so I was told to pit and Dean went out on Wets. To fix the fogging problem our pit crew cut an old broom in half and taped a few rags on the end. This was going to be our new demister device or in the commentators words " The Window Wipey Pole". Although every cloud has a silver lining as the rain was the best thing that could have happened for us.

The car was super fast in both Deans and Ricks hands. Rick handed the car to me on the wets for what would be a 2 hour and 45 minute stint. That was amazing and the car was fantastic. We lost a fan belt during this stint but were able to get back to the pits . Andrew one of our amazing team members ran to his car in the car park and took the fan belt off his car so we could keep going.

After my long stint I gave the car to Rick who did an amazing job in very testing conditions to take the chequered flag along with the class D high performance win and 10th outright win.

We had a fantastic and dedicated team as seen above and we couldn't have done any of this with the help of all of them.

I along with Dean and Rick will forever be grateful of all the hard work each and everyone of them put in. First time ever at the mountain for me and first time in the 12 hour for all of us and to win on the first time against the quality of cars and drivers we faced is a true compliment to a great team that worked unbelievably hard and worked together.

The other person I want to thank is our team manager Peter Smith. He worked so hard the whole weekend and did so much hard work with our fuel plan, and also keeping us drivers and our team calm and ready for anything that the 12 hour would throw at us.

A big thank you also goes out to Ricks wife Julie and my wife Marian for keeping us all fed and running all weekend for us and giving us the support we needed!!!!!

Once again thanks to all that helped us along the way and who knows, we might end up back there next year looking to defend our very first Bathurst 12 hour win. I added photos in the photo page. 

1:46.08 at the Island WOW!!

Well as you all know this was the first round we have run at this year. We missed out on Winton because we were still working on the car. The dry sump set up looks fantastic and at this stage looks to be working Great.

We have decided to approach this year as a learning curve. We have missed the first round of the championship and will also have to miss the last round too. So we are playing around and learning this year.

Phillip Island was so much more than we were expecting. The car was unbelieveable. Set up was fantastic and was again something new that we tried with spring rates. We made one change to the car all weekend.

I did mention that we could have gone faster............ I was more suprised than anyone to do the 46. I was really expecting the car would be in the mid 47 mark. I was only reving the car to 6200 RPM. Had I have known that the car would have gone 1.46 I would have turned up the revs to 7000 RPM.

Next time we will have to have a real crack and see what we can do.

Sandown is the next round for us and we are looking really forward to it so come out and have a look!!!!

Legend Of The Lakes 2010 Mount Gambier

Now this was fun!!!! What a fantastic weekend of racing. Mount Gambier put on an awesome weekend with the 5th running of the legend of the lakes hill climb.

It was a fantastic event to end the year with, and it was fantastic to be able to spend some time with Allan and Karen from Pertek.

Now the run to the top was just awesome. What a great place to host a hill climb. The wild ride from the bottom to the top spinning wheels in 4th gear and also putting on a bit of a show for the people up the top.

I was very happy with the car and we won the class and finished up the fastest improved production car. I'm looking forward to getting back out there next year for another blast up the hill.

I will be adding some video to the site soon.

2010 IPRA WA Nationals

First thing that must be said is a big thank you to my Dad and my Uncle Fred who towed the car over to Perth and back again. It was a long way to go and a very big trip.

We had a fantastic weekend and the car was really on song thanks to Dean Lillie's hard work. We were chipping away throughout all of the heat races and geting the car better and better. We started the final in about 7th place and it all went down hill from there.

I let the clutch go on the line and it was great. I grabed second gear and the car pulled hard left, I got off the gas and tried again but still pulling. I grabed third to make sure and it still pulled left. I knew then that we were done, Before the first lap was completed. I was very lucky not to be hit from behind with the other cars. It was the half shaft in the diff that broke.

It was a real shame to finish a great weekend like that but we had a great time and loved the track. I am looking very forward to getting out there again once the new track is built.

Well now it's off to Mount Gambier for the legend of the lakes hillclimb. Hope to see you out there.

Philip Island 25th and 26th September 2010

Well we finally got the car out and had an awesome weekend. It was all new and time to learn again. The Saturday Practice/Qualifying session was great. I went out and the car felt great. The new gear box was fantastic and suprised me just how short the throw was. I never flat shifted in this session but was able to lift off and pull the next gear by the end of it. The race on Saturday was great and I was a little more confident with the car and gear box and was able to start flat shifting by the end. The last race on Sunday started out good. We got off the line really well and lead into the first corner. The car had developed a very bad vibration in the rear when cornering so I decided to pull in and put it on the trailer in case we did some damage. I called Dean who said it sounded like a center bearing and as always he was right.

Now we have a few things to get done before the Nationals in WA, But it was a very good test weekend for us and we were very happy with the new car.

Keep on watching as I keep updating you with what we are doing and how we are going when we head west in a few weeks time!!!!!

Another great weekeend of racing and a good result with 5th

What an awesome event the 6 hour is!!!! We had a ball. The saturday was fantastic with the cars going well and and all according to plan. We started from poll on the Sunday and it brought some tests as always. Young Rhys started the event and lead into the first corner. He had a fantastic drive before sending our Alan in the SSS. We were going along very good and sent Dad out for his stint in the Honda, He didn't have as much luck blowing up the engine. I went out again in the Gemini and had a heap of fun until I came back in and realised that we had some minor problems. Being so late in the day we decided not to bother fixing it. Peter, Alan, Andrew and Dad all did great jobs but the stand out for our team and the main contributor to our 5th place result was young Rhys. He started the day off fantastic and the his drive in the last stint was incredible. He got us about 6 bonus laps and is driving better and better every time I see him.

So a again we had a great weekend and fantastic result and we look forward to getting out there again next year and having a crack at winning the event next year. I would also like to thank our team manager James Taylor. He was great again and has been with us for some time now and will be back next year. Jason for his help George on the hot plate and my beautiful partner Marian and her cousin John all the way from Queensland Braving the cold all day long to give us a hand. Marian worked all day Saturday, Came up at 8:30 Saturday night and was up at 6am on the Sunday morning.

Well that's all of it and again we look forward to getting out there next year and having some more fun. A big thanks once again to all our helpers and now it's back to the Commodore!!!

News on the 29th July 2010

Well as you can see we finally got the Crank, Pistons and Cam in the engine. It's Thursday, has been a very busy week with Dad and John spending many late nights at the factory to get it done. Dad is hopeing that he will complete all the add ons by the weekend and then it's looking like Sunday we may be able to get the heads on. It's going to be a very busy weekend with the commodre and also Gemini. The six hour is on next weekend so we have this weekend only to get the Gemini ready to race. That too has the head off. Thank God we love them cause they sure take up most of your time.

News on the 12th July 2010

So I spent a little bit of time playing the car over the weekend and all going well it is starting to look like we might be able to screw the bottom end together this weekend coming. Then we need some more parts for the top end but fingers crossed that will happen the week after.

News on the 3rd July 2010

Ok then, As you can see we have the car in paint. It's starting to come together now. We had quite a few hold ups with the engine but it is getting there too. It should be ready to screw together in the next few weeks. We have done all the measurements for the Hollinger gear box and it all looks good. I will let you know as soon as the engine is together!!!

News on the 24th June 2010

So then, After a very sucessful year in 2009 and winning the Victorian and National Championships, We took on the challenge of building a new race car. It's a VX Commodore that we picked up from Rai Curry at Fabraications. Now there was nothing wrong with the other car however when starting from Scratch you are able to build it your way. Dean Lillie from Greg Murphy Racing has been a massive help and with out him I don't think we would have had the sucess we did, and he too has helped alot through out this building process. We are looking at getting the car out and racing by July 2010. The car should be a much more competative car with more HP and the inclusion of a 6 speed Holinger Gear Box. I have added some photos of the build so feel free to have a look and ask any questions you may have.