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Specs on the car

Car: The car is a 2001 VX Commodore. The car was purchased From Rai Curry at Fabraications. Rai made the roll cage for us. The rear wing is from Alpha Fibreglass.

Engine: Is a 6 litre with Standard bore and stroke. Forged pistons, Steel crank shaft and eagle rods. Heads are off the shelf 6 litre heards with some port work done. Solid roller cam shaft with solid lifters. Valves are standard size. The throttle body is a little larger and is a Fast throttle body. The intake manifold is a sheet metal manifold that has been modified by Kevin Mackrell and Stathi Kavadias to fit under the bonnet.

Gearbox: Hollinger 6 speed.

Diff. Standard commodore rear end.

Suspention & Brakes: Bilstein Shocks, Alcon Callipers and AP Rotors. Front and rear sway bars are aftermarket and adjustable.

Wheels & Tyres: Wheels are 18X9 inch. Tyres are AO50 Yokohama Advans. They are 265X35XR18.

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